Work outs and healthy eating

Talking with people under 30 can be a time consuming process.  Especially when you start talking fitness.  Most fitness minded individuals will all tell you the same thing.  The Gym is your best friend.  How ever we here at Surendrana feel differently.  We think there are many better ways to work out that not only save you money but save you time.  We talked to Nick Cooper, a busy young and very successful CEO what he thought about going to the gym in order to stay fit.  He tells us that the gym is only a 5 minute drive from his house, but that he has way to much to do to waste the time and energy just to get to the gym.  In fact, he works from home the majority of his day now ( thanks corona virus).  So what does he do?  He actually grabbed himself a Peloton, you know the all so famous and talked about bike that lets you plug into the net and stream live classes.  He pops in his blue-tooth and jumps on for  quick 20 minutes a day.  Boom, more work being completed and not sacrificing that beach bod in trade for a dad bod.



We thought we would talk to another business owner and see what they thought about the gym versus the home work out.  Ryan of Bright Clean Pool and Spa talks about his daily workout and its not what you would think.  He seems to share the same theory on the gym, a waste of time and money.  Ryan claims that in the summer months at his job alone he can burn 2500 calories in an average work day, keeping him plenty skinny.  Well too skinny actually.  He needs to bulk.  He takes supplements,  he claims products like Serious Mass and a strict diet of high protein and naked veggies keep him at his healthy weight.   “with out my current diet of muscle mass and high protein I was loosing too much weight working so hard in the sun everyday.”